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With over 10+ years of experience, S KOHLI TUTORING gives students all the right tools to improve scores and grades, stay ahead in a competitive environment, and achieve academic success.

Academic Achievement

A Lifetime of Achievement

jump start your academic career

Jump Start Your

Academic Career

At S Kohli Tutoring, we believe it's never too early to get a head start in school. We take pride in helping students set a steady foundation to last throughout their academic career. S Kohli Tutoring offers services for students from all grade levels, starting all the way from Pre-K.  

teaching skills beyon academics

Teaching a Skill Set that goes beyond Academics

With S Kohli Tutoring Services, we do more than just teach academic subjects. We help students develop and maintain study skills, motivation, and the confidence that will help them with academics and beyond. 

Academic & Test Prep Success

Test Prep 

Preparing for the ACT's or SAT's can be an extremely stressful time in a student's life. Let us help you! S Kohli Tutoring Services has the know-how and expertise to help reach your goal. Students should expect a score jump of 4+ points on the ACT & 200+ points on the SAT. Contact us today to learn more about our test prep program.  

Middle & High Scool

We understand that Middle School & High School can be more of the difficult years for students. That's why our tutors are dedicated to constantly reinventing strategies to help students take on harder subject areas. At S Kohli Tutoring, you'll get the constant help you need to get through High School and onto the next chapter in life.

K-5 Elementary

From ABC's to 123's; S Kohli Tutoring covers it all for our Elementary level students. We strongly believe that preparing students at a young age helps them get ahead and thrive in a competitive environment. With a strong focus in Math & Language Arts, we cover everything from long division and fractions to nouns and verb usage. 

Who we are

About S Kohli Tutoring Services

S Kohli Tutoring Services has been a consistent and trustworthy Tutoring Service since 2016. Our highly experienced team is committed to providing service of the highest quality, paying particular attention to work efficiently while keeping the lines of communication with our clients clear and concise.

10+ years of tutoring experience and experience with special needs children.

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Happy Client, Happy Us!

"Sam helped me with my math and science classes/exams during high school. As a junior taking AP Biology without taking Honors Biology beforehand, I was a bit worried about doing well in the course. I can thank Sam for getting me through it, though. He did a wonderful job of taking complex concepts and breaking them down into simple, understandable terms. And if I didn’t understand something, he’d explain it in a different way. Because of him, I was able to get an A in the class and a 5 on the exam. He also helped me study for the SAT Math 2 subject test. I was unsatisfied with my previous score and Sam helped me patch the knowledge in all the areas of the exam that I was missing. I ended up getting an 800 after studying for it with him. On top of my math and sciences classes and Math 2 subject test, Sam helped me study for the ACT exam. His help with the math and science sections is what helped me get the 36–a perfect score on my first official attempt of the exam. My meetings with him were efficient and useful. He is such a kind, patient, and friendly guy. I could tell that he had my best interest in mind and truly wanted me to succeed and do well in my exams and courses. I would definitely recommend anyone to seek academic help from him because you will definitely benefit from it.”


-Jack B.
Fairmont Preparatory Academy

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