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Middle & High School


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about our


At S Kohli Tutoring Services, we understand that each student has a different approach to learning at their own unique pace, that's why we provide one-on-one sessions in order to meet the student at their level. Our Middle & High School level sessions are individually designed to be interactive and challenging for students. We pride ourselves in helping students better prepare for the subject tests, gain confidence in skills and abilities, and achieve higher test scores. 

​Program highlights include: 

  • Private in home tutoring for your convenience

  • Duration of program customized to student's goals

  • Focuses on ALL Middle & High School subject areas

  • Personalized homework assignments

  • Course materials to help students stay ahead

  • Skype & FaceTime sessions also available

our promise to YOU

Unlike private test prep companies, we base our program on each student's individual needs - it's that simple for us. 

No initial deposit upfront

No minimum # of sessions 

No contracts

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Reading & Writing

This is the time when Middle & High Schoolers are being introduced to more complex literary and scientific texts, advanced grammar usage, and composition structure. Our tutors understand that proper writing and reading skills will help students with academic subjects as well as success in their daily lives.  

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Our Middle & High School science tutors help students gain the confidence in their abilities to improve their science grades. Our science tutors cover all levels of physics, chemistry, biology, and general science, including AP levels.

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Math has always been a challenging concept for students to grasp. If a student does not fully understand a previous concept, they will have trouble understanding all proceeding concepts. Our Math tutors cover all levels of pre-algebra, algebra, pre-calculus, calculus, geometry, and more. We ensure students understand each concept before moving to the next. 

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Social Studies

Social studies tutors are experts in helping students understand and apply major concepts in history and political science subjects. Our tutors  cover  all levels of World History, Euro History, US History, and Political Science, including AP levels. We ensure students have the tools they need to appropriately use context clues, define key concepts, and draw conclusions from their history texts.

our 3 step


1. Initial Assessment 

We will first conduct a thorough assessment of the student's current academic skill level.  

2. Pinpoint Strengths & Weaknesses 

During our initial assessment, we will be able to determine students' strengths & weaknesses and where we should concentrate on when customizing their tutoring plan.   

3. Create Plan of Action

We will create a personalized learning plan targeted to meet each student's unique needs. 

scheduling made easy

S Kohli Tutors believe in flexible scheduling, that's why our team makes it easy to schedule appointment times. We work with students and parents to ensure we are accommodating clients' busy schedules. 


Start preparing for your future today!

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