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“Sam has been tutoring my 16 year old son, Jacob for most of this past academic year in the topics of Pre-Calculus and Honors Chemistry. Sam is an excellent tutor, in fact the best tutor my son has ever worked with. He explains concepts exceptionally well and expresses a genuine care for the academic success of my son. Even on short notice (for last-minute tutoring sessions), Sam always did his best to accommodate us, even if it meant meeting at odd times -- something our family truly appreciated. He is professional, responsive and connects well with kids. Sam also has a very high level of mastery of the concepts and has never been short of answers to my son's many questions. Working with Sam has made a tremendous difference in my son's performance at school; we cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Richard M.

“I worked with Sam Kohli between 2014-2015 in preparation for my ACT examination as well SAT Math II, Biology, and Chemistry Subject Tests prior to applying for college. When I first started with Sam, I did not have the hottest test scores (29 and 30 on the ACT) and was in need for guidance for not only raising my score but, more importantly, gaining valuable test taking strategies that would allow me to perform at my peak when testing day came around. I very much enjoyed my time with Sam: both as a tutor and as a friend. Sam's genuinely friendly, determined, outgoing, and patient personality truly make him an amazing tutor and individual you want to work with. Because of Sam's efforts, I was able to score a 35 on my ACT, 800 on my SAT Chemistry, 790 on my SAT Math II, and 750 on my SAT Biology. I am now attending UCLA as a second year Neuroscience Major with a Biomedical Research Minor as a prospective candidate for applying to medical schools come 2019.”

Andyshea A.

University High School

“Sam and Nav are wonderful people to work with. They both are full of enthusiasm and truly desire to see their students succeed. I started using S Kohli Tutoring Services after my seeing my brother’s ACT test scores shoot up after a few lessons with Sam and Nav. Nav’s patient and concrete approach to tackling each question immensely helped me with cutting down on wasting time within the reading section. Sam worked with me to improve my math score by picking out concepts I was weaker in and focusing on those. I ended up boosting my overall score 4 points after working with the power duo consistently for three weeks.”

Arjun D.

Woodbridge High School

Sam helped me with my math and science classes/exams during high school. As a junior taking AP Biology without taking Honors Biology beforehand, I was a bit worried about doing well in the course. I can thank Sam for getting me through it, though. He did a wonderful job of taking complex concepts and breaking them down into simple, understandable terms. And if I didn’t understand something, he’d explain it in a different way. Because of him, I was able to get an A in the class and a 5 on the exam. He also helped me study for the SAT Math 2 subject test. I was unsatisfied with my previous score and Sam helped me patch the knowledge in all the areas of the exam that I was missing. I ended up getting an 800 after studying for it with him. On top of my math and sciences classes and Math 2 subject test, Sam helped me study for the ACT exam. His help with the math and science sections is what helped me get the 36–a perfect score on my first official attempt of the exam. My meetings with him were efficient and useful. He is such a kind, patient, and friendly guy. I could tell that he had my best interest in mind and truly wanted me to succeed and do well in my exams and courses. I would definitely recommend anyone to seek academic help from him because you will definitely benefit from it.

Jack B. 

Fairmont Preparatory Academy

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